Since I attended your workshop I have been using the ‘Task, priority and reward’ templates to record, organise, and prioritise my workload. I have found this invaluable, and a very efficient way to manage the tasks carried out by my team and I. My team seems to have a smile on their face and have started taking ownership. You left us all motivated. Many thanks.
– Technical Operations Lead, British Telecommunications

Maddy is an inspiration due to his personal triumphs. After a difficult childhood he refused to accept his lot and took positive and quite extreme steps to change the course of his life. During his workshops and presentations he speaks from the heart and uses his experiences to encourage others to believe in themselves; such anecdotes and facts are both interesting and add great substance to his theories and teachings. Maddy came to speak to us in February 2012 and the session certainly lifted the spirits of our busy staff. We will be looking to implement some of Maddy’s suggestions over the coming weeks.
– Knowledge Officer, Technophobia, CAPITA

I would like to congratulate and thank you for your excellent talk and visual presentation. It was good of you to put this on for us at such short notice.  We are very grateful. Quite a number of our members approached me after your talk to say that the presentation was well-organised, clear and entertaining.
I am certain you inspired several members to take a good look at themselves, and hopefully you gave them the inspiration to become aware of their lives, and enable them to become more positive, confident, and able to develop their own self-esteem. Again many thanks, and good luck.
– Events manager, Probus Group

The seminar was above my expectations. I was highly impressed with Maddy’s eloquent presentation skills and his attitude and determination to succeed. I was motivated and realised what I have to improve in order to manage my tasks and emotions. The service management team has started implementing the techniques you suggested. We loved your ‘smile exercise’ and we do it twice everyday to laugh and feel better. I would recommend his workshops to anyone. All the best Maddy.
– Project Manager, Mastek UK Limited

I wanted to recommend Maddy after seeing his excellent presentation today. By sharing his life experiences and insights, his talk was extremely thought provoking and encouraging. Maddy truly is a motivational speaker.
– Business Partner, The HR Experts

Well researched. Excellent delivery, really fluent, good the way you used the different tools – it made it interesting. Will help me manage my teams and work load effectively. You created new enthusiasm among the group and the feedback we have received has been very positive. I am sure they will use the information you provided to improve their performance. Thanks for the laughs!
– Operations Manager, NHS Service Operation Centre

Maddy came across very confident, good slides and brilliant explanation of the wheel of life. The key take away for me is ‘self management is the key to success’. We will definitely use the templates provided to be proactive, more efficient and decrease stress. We would like you to come back to deliver other workshops.
– Sr. Fund Raiser, British Red Cross

It was great to hear Maddy’s inspirational life journey at his book launch event. What is life, what dreams are and how to achieve your goals without having any resources and help from any one, he has once again proved that it is only positive thinking that can take you to miles ahead. He is a true role model for the youth of the 21st century.
President, International Film & Television Research Centre, World Record Holder and the Honorary  
  Cultural Ambassador of Wales in India


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