Whether its college or the workplace, you already know it’s crowded, and competitive. But do you know how to differentiate yourself? Recent survey shows for every graduate job there are 83 graduates! And the competition amongst Universities/Colleges has increased too so Would you like your students to be more employable?

Motivational and Inspirational Keynote: If I can, YOU CAN (up to 60 minutes)

The heart and soul of Maddy’s every program is summed up in 3 words: Success is Possible. He persuades his audiences that they have a champion within themselves and can achieve any goal if they are willing to take action!

We all have dreams. What is rare is finding a person who has the courage to pursue his or her dream in spite of the odds. BBC called him “Britain’s Happiest Young Man” for all that he has achieved after overcoming adversities.

Maddy is an inspiring speaker who has experienced first-hand, the awesome challenges of the third world. He then, as a student, came to the UK with little knowledge of English, no contacts and only £165 ($250) in his pocket!

In the past few years, he has impacted hundreds of thousands of people internationally through seminars, TV shows, book, expert guest on radio shows, magazine articles, online blog and coaching programs.

This session will educate and empower your team for maintaining a positive attitude – regardless of circumstances. Says Maddy,” I want to help the audience feel that they too can accomplish the challenges and dreams of their professional and personal lives…”

Motivation is the engine that drives organisational performance. People are limited more by attitude than opportunity, especially when fear and/or anger pervade the workplace. Research shows that with a boost in employee engagement and morale, company profits follow.

Your audience will learn:

The real reason why most people are weak and fail

Attitude matters, whether change or challenge

EVA goal  setting technique (just SMART goals don’t work!)

To beat their fears, be mentally tough and take action

3 key things world-class professionals believe in and do

Contact Maddy with your requirements and for your investment  maddy [at] forbetterment.com


Success Workshop for Students and/or Staff  (up to 3 hours)

This interactive fun filled seminar will give the audience some tools and techniques to:

Gain Self-Confidence

Develop an Attitude for Success

Conquer Negative Thinking

Realise Their True Potential

Create Beliefs and Habits like the Most Successful and Happy Professionals

Break Through the Fear Barrier and Take Action

Use the Power of Focus to Achieve Their Dream Job

Set Effective Goals with EVA

Take Responsibility and Stop Complaining

With Motivational Videos and Practical Exercises Maddy Will Also Share His Life Story and How He Turned Around His Life.

* This seminar can be customised to your requirements.


Q. Will it help the students in academics?
Yes, this will help them in achieving excellence in academics as well as in finding job and excelling at their workplace.

Q. There are students who have work experience. Would they benefit?
Yes, we all need motivation and re-focus our thoughts often. It will help them to be mentally tough and help them create empowering self-beliefs. Professionals who have many years of experience, including senior managers and executives, even they invest time and money in changing beliefs, positive visualisation, habit change, emotional intelligence and motivation.

Maddy studied psychotherapy (including Transactional Analysis) at the University of Oxford and has read many books which talk about traditional psychology and human behaviour. He is a certified Hypnotherapist and Coach.

He learned these principles and techniques from very successful professionals and entrepreneurs, including billionaires. He has been coached by some of the best coaches in the world. What he teaches got him results and has been implemented by every world class professional whether it’s corporate, sports or leaders who made a big impact in the world.

He has spoken at business schools, B.Tech colleges, Universities, business networking groups and to the employees of various organisations including British Telecoms, NHS SOC, Powergen(e.on) and HP.

NB: 10% of the earnings will be donated to an orphanage in India or to the British Red Cross