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Consultant/ Strengths-based Coach |  Best-selling Author |  Trainer |  Therapist

Courses Completed:

# Positive Psychology (Level 3 specialization)
# Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (psychotherapy) Practitioner
# Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
# Certified Time Change/line Therapist
# Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – Level 2 CMA
# Mindfulness Practitioner
# Sustainable Development Goals (climate change)
# Certificate in Supervisory & Leadership Skills – NCFE Level 3
# Coaching Skills
# Transactional Analysis (psychology of social behaviour)
# The Science of Happiness
# Person-centered Counselling
# Science of Success
# Social Psychology
# Science of Well-Being
# Moral Psychology and Well-Being
# Young People’s Mental Health

Life and Challenges
‘Growing up in India in a town known as the crime capital and in an environment of poverty, I never dreamed of being a coach and helping others get out of their own ‘poverty’ thinking. My world was full of deprivation on all levels and I had no emotional support, praise or positive feedback but plenty of abuse (physical, mental and sexual). I lived in an environment of scarcity thinking and had no idea that abundant thinking even existed! I was at times very depressed and suicidal.

However, from somewhere within, I found a determination to change my lot in life and with $8,000 of borrowed money made my way to the UK to enroll on a diploma course. I spoke little English and knew little about the country I had made my new home, but I was determined to prove my family and teachers wrong and prove to myself that I was a man of worth.

I experienced some pretty awful living environments here in the UK too. I ran out of money more than once, borrowed more money and washed dishes in a local restaurant to put food in my belly while I was studying. But always determined to better myself I stuck with it to reach my goal of getting a good job in the UK. And, after completing my Masters in Computer Science, when I reached that goal (as an IT consultant for British Telecoms), I realised that there was more. More to learn and more to life.

Transformation, Achievements and Purpose/Passion
I discovered that self development wasn’t just about learning a new skill to get a better job it was about learning to get a better life. So I completed the courses listed above and have supported university students for their thesis/research work related to Applied Psychology.

I have been a volunteer for various charities and NPOs for many years. Whether its AIDS awareness for the World Health Organisation or teaching life skills (mentioned in my book) to young orphans in India or the projects for the British Red Cross, it has always been a nice and fulfilling experience. (click here to see pictures and projects) My motivation increased when I received a certificate of appreciation from the Queen of England, an award from the Mayor of Sheffield, from a president of Lion’s club and from the High Sheriff of South Yorkshire. I was also invited for a lunch with the Queen’s youngest son Prince Edward and his wife Sophia.

I have been a regular guest on radio and have been interviewed by stations worldwide including, multiple times on, the BBC. I’ve done motivational shows for well-being TV channels and have been featured in several national newspapers, health magazines and high ranking websites/blogs. (click here to listen, read or watch)
I feel grateful when I see my motivational quotes regularly shared on the social media, top rated health & lifestyle blogs and magazines. Many authors have used them in their books, schools, colleges and business organizations have included them in their presentations and newsletters. Translated/used in more than 15 languages (read quotes)

I have learned how to change my self-beliefs, my thoughts and my self-talk to change that scarcity thinking into abundant thinking. I’ve learnt to be thankful and I’ve learnt how to be happy (with or without money in my pocket).

To share what me and my clients benefited from, I wrote my first personal development book in 2011 “Bullet-Proof Belief – How to Achieve every Goal You set without fail”
My learning continued and in 2013 I decided to add more value to my book with more topics which affect our personal, professional and social lives How to Build Self-Esteem and Be Confident: Overcome Fears, Break Habits, Be Successful and Happy
The feedback was so empowering that I created a Home Study Course which was a detailed version of the book with lot more practical exercises and information.
With lots of interviews, talks and coaching/mentoring opportunities I was also selected to co-author a book with Dr. Emma Hunter from USA called “Failure: Key To Success” which gained praise from best-selling authors and top motivational gurus. I am appreciative my book has been recommended by the government health agency of Ontario, University of Brighton (student development), an International British Athlete, Corporate Leaders and many Therapists & Life coaches. It is also part of the curriculum at some colleges.

Joy, Peace and Love
Maddy Malhotra 🙂

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