Some of the testimonials from my many satisfied clients:

Sessions with Maddy made me feel that I am more than whatever I thought I was, I deserve the best and that I can feel better at wiil. Thank you so much Maddy for being there for letting me get to my inner self am glad our roads converged. Hoping and praying that you spread more and more lovely thougts in to peoples minds, like u did to mine 🙂
– Sam, Recruitment Consultant, UK


Maddy is a great coach. He has helped me become mentally tough and gain high confidence. He is a man of character. A rare and good thing about him is that he walks his talk. He helped me to cope up with the life in the UK and to take control of my life. He helped me to realise my true potential and to find my true passion in life. Unfortunately they don’t teach these principles in traditional psychology courses!
– Hannah A, Clinical Psychologist, UK


I want to take a few moments to extend my gratitude towards you for all the heartfelt work you have given to me as a coach and a friend over the past few months. When I first started working with you I knew I had challenges and that I needed assistance if I was to go to the next level both in my professional and personal journey.

I was disorganised and very negative, even though I felt I was a positive person, some of the exercises you recommended me to do showed something quite opposite. I needed to do more than my personal development books allowed and you saw that struggle before I even told you. The tools and exercises you gave me can only be described as oxygen to my thoughts.

After just the first few sessions with you I felt that things were shifting both spiritually and mentally. The internal barriers were releasing their hold and I could see a different kind of horizon one of success rather that just make do! The work planners and other tools you’ve given are just wonderful to keep me focussed and the balance between work rest and play on track. Now I am certain that I will get my bigger goals! With your expertise it’s up, up, up all the way from here!

You have a gift that reaches into someone’s soul, gives it a nudge and pulls it out! Keep doing what you are doing not even the sky is a limit for you. I wish you the best Maddy x

– Amy B., weight management coach


After our first session I felt really motivated and realised that I was beginning to make use of the realisations you had coached out of me. You certainly have the magic touch.
I now find myself speaking in a much deeper, more projected voice and somehow I feel that I have the right to be heard. I also feel more calm and focused. I am now taking more pride in my appearance. Also, I am becoming pro-active.
– Steve, writer, UK


“I wish I met you when I was 18 instead of 34! Thank you Maddy for helping me get rid of my fears. I feel more peaceful within and am able to focus on my goals.”
– MG, Teacher, India


“Maddy, the magic man. It is HE who helped me analyze and accept the situation when I was so unsure of what next. He helped me reinvent the ME in ME with his simple, meaningful & playful words. He is a gifted man with a clear vision. His magical words and affirmations create positive vibes around.

He knows the art of life and with this art he spreads Happiness around. He has helped me accept life as it comes with a smile and ever lasting confidence and to live life to the fullest. Now I am a firm believer of nothing is impossible if you have a lion’s heart and an eagle’s eye. Credit goes to Maddy. Keep up the good work Maddy. You rock… A heartfelt gratitude from me & my husband”

– Peter R, Business Owner


“This guy is an Angel. He is incredibly inspiring in his Kindness. His company brings you Peace of mind. His playfulness challenges you to reach for your dreams and aspirations and attain Happiness starting from NOW. He doesn’t have to do much…In fact he has got the gift of Presence. A gift that resonates through your body and soul in an empowering and unstoppable way. I love him!”

– Chelo Alfonso, Community Worker, Ireland


“Madhur is a coach and a philosopher. I met him during my rough times when I had almost given up, and I don’t have even a slightest doubt that he is the person who is responsible for giving a direction to my life due to which I emerged stronger. I could use my pain as a tool and could turbo-charge my success. Maddy has a natural talent to identify your talents, your thought patterns and what is it that you are seeking within. He can bring your super-self in front of you and compare it with you. With his knowledge and expertise he can assist you to chalk out a definitive plan and a direction to achieve it.He is a leader on a mission to empower people and enable them to succeed independently. I wish him all the very best in all his endeavours.”

– VD, Photographer, London


“Maddy is an unbelievable human, a true Mentor. Before contacting him, I use to struggle a lot with my mind-set which was required to achieve my goals. He made me believe in myself even in the adverse conditions! He gave me the belief that the genius are not born they are made by directing mind towards their goals. His advice, for using the tools like visualisation, affirmations, meditation and developing a positive mental attitude, gave me hope, enthusiasm and essence of my target. He has made an incredible difference to my day to day life. Now I try to enjoy my life to the fullest, thanks to Maddy.”

– JS, I.T. Analyst, Singapore