“Exceeded really anything I could have expected from a self-development course. Need to focus on things that are important for achieving success. I would recommend Maddy’s workshops to anybody. My fear of (confidential) is gone now! I will definitely share my learning with my colleagues.”  -Head of school, South Yorkshire, UK

“We have made it mandatory for every student to read Maddy’s book and to complete all the exercises given in the book. We will conduct regular discussions on the topics covered in his seminars.”
-Asst. director, Asian School of Media Studies, New Delhi  https://youtu.be/EDg35hjbLo4?t=52s

Maddy has delivered seminars and workshops for students and teachers. Quotes and images from his best-selling book have been used by schools, colleges and universities in their magazines, blogs and newsletters. His book has been recommended by student development department and is part of the curriculum at few colleges. These include –


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