New Year Resolutions for Weight Loss, Relationships/Dating, Self-Belief, Confidence, Success, Fulfilment, Happiness

Listen to Maddy Malhotra as an Expert guest on BBC radio (photo below)

His best selling book, with more than 75 positive reviews on Amazon+Goodreads, can help you with your resolutions/goals in every area of life. click here to read more..

Can New Year’s Resolutions come true?

Why do most of us don’t achieve our resolutions?

How to make 2015 a successful and happy year?

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Maddy Malhotra with Paulette Edwards (a great presenter at BBC radio Sheffield)

Building Self Esteem, Self Image, High Confidence, Developing a Positive Mindset & Attitude, Taking Control of Emotions, Overcome/Get rid of Fears, Break bad/unhealthy Habits, Be Peaceful, forgiveness & gratitude, Increase Self Love, Self-Belief Worth Respect Acceptance, Happier Relationships, Effective Goal Setting, Developing/enhancing Leadership Skills, Achieving Peak Performance, Madhur

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